How Much is a Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost

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The swimming pool always looks inviting when we’re yearning for a relaxed state of mind. Regardless of the swimming pool maintenance cost, it’s always that place, always desired for recreation purposes. We regain the positive energy and bring about a sense of wellbeing and happiness after spending some good time in the swimming pool.

Some people spent 35 thousand dollars on average getting a swimming pool done in their backyards. That and some additional swimming pool maintenance cost and you’d already have a go-to fun place to dive, float, glide after a matter of a few steps. 

Is it expensive to maintain a pool? 

People think swimming pool ownership costs an arm and leg because of the maintenance. Little did they know about the economical but effective ways to maintain a swimming pool at a much lower cost. 

And the truth is the weekly pool cleaning costs 50 USD, 180 USD monthly, and 1450 USD yearly only if you opt for local pool service. The following is also the pricing guide of different pool cleaning services:

  • Professional pool service

Pricing starts from 150 USD to 200 USD. This service only includes cleaning, inspecting, and repairing your pool’s pump, filter, and other parts.

  • Leak problem fix

If you’re losing more than a half-inch of pool water per day, that indicates that there’s a leak in your pool’s structure or your pool pump system. A professional hire charges 3500 USD to fix the problem.

  • Pool filter replacement

Generally, most people replace their filter cartridges every 3-5 years. Still, the life could be longer or shorter depending on the water flow since too much flow significantly decreases the cartridge life and lowers the filter’s efficiency. Replacing a filter starts from 250 to 650 USD.

  • Pool drain repair

Poor drainage can upset your swimming pool experience. You wouldn’t want outside water to be mixing with your pool water. A competent team of pool professionals asks 400 to 700 USD for this service. 

  • Cracked pool beam repair

Beam damage is not easily detected until the cracking and crumbling of the tile are noticed. This problem develops over the years from natural causes like shifting soil and the pool’s usage level. You would need to pay a professional 75 USD per linear foot on average.

How to reduce your swimming pool maintenance cost? 

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The majority of maintenance projects can be DIY. All it takes is the suitable materials and the ability to follow simple written directions. Regular pool maintenance pays so much because you can prevent pool problems or detect them as early as possible so it wouldn’t cause you more significant troubles.

  • Shock your pool once a week.

When you find your pool green and dirty, you’d need to shock your pool with bleach and chlorine three times more than you’d typically do. Prevent this hassle by devoting a day in a week to shock your pool regularly. It’s best to shock your pool in the evening because the sun will not be boiling out the chlorine.

  • Cover your pool.

Covering your pool during the day is known to reduce water evaporation. But having to cover the pool at night is also beneficial. First, you would spend less time skimming the pool the following day. Second, the pool cover keeps your pool warm by insulating the warmed water so you can delay turning the heater on when it’s time to swim. Read here if you want to know more why you should invest in a pool cover.

Automatic Pool Covers 

  • Choose the best pool pump.

Invest in energy-efficient and variable speed pumps. This type of pool pump allows you to use only the amount of power you need. Know that you can also achieve effective filtration if you lower the speed pump while the pool filter is running. Dual purpose, right?

  •  Give baking soda a try.

Adding baking soda to your pool water raises water’s pH and alkalinity, making your pool water stable and clear. As a general rule, 1.5 lbs. of baking soda can raise the alkalinity of 10,000 gallons of water by about ten ppm. 

All you have to do is sprinkle the baking in your pool but avoid putting it on one spot. This way, you’d reduce your swimming pool maintenance cost by not needing to buy expensive commercial pool products to raise alkalinity.

  • Run your pump wisely

Nighttime is the best time to turn on your pool pump because the highest electricity rates run during peak hours. Also, it would be best to run your pool pump less often during milder temperatures because algae have a lower chance of growing when the temperature hits the 60s.

Having a swimming pool and maintaining one is worth all the hassle because you get to have enjoyment and improve your mental and physical health without having to go outdoors. After all, staying home is the best option to avoid getting sick from the famous virus, so you might as well create fun out of your safe space.

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