Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Pool Cover

Let’s cut straight to the chase: A pool cover is one of the best investments you can make for the pool. Think of these covers as your unsung backyard hero, with many reasons why you should invest in a pool cover!

However, not everybody thinks so. It’s easy to overlook the importance of covering pools and what kind of pool covers to get. But once you’re aware of the benefits it offers, you’ll definitely change your mind.

Read on to learn all about the reasons why you should invest in a pool cover!


The Top Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Pool Cover

Pool covers and enclosures are all the rage these days, as they provide more than just protection for the pool. With these great inventions, you can use your pool all year round and reap the following benefits:


Save Water

The pool water must stay in the pool. That’s an obvious statement, but you’ll be surprised by how the heat and sun play a role in lessening the amount of water in your pool.

Pool covers will prevent evaporation from the sun and heat, so you won’t need to refill your pool as often as you would if you kept it uncovered. Furthermore, pool covers block the wind so that any heavy gusts won’t increase evaporation.


Save Energy

Because you spend less energy refilling the pool, the appropriate pool cover can lower your heating bills. Besides water conservation, pool covers would also save energy by holding in heat.

Without a pool cover, you’ll spend more on your energy bill heating your pool. For instance, when you cover your heated swimming pool at night, it reduces heat loss. Meaning, you get warmer water that you won’t have to heat for longer periods.

For pools relying on the sun for heat, keeping it covered at night keeps the water warm enough to swim the following day. If uncovered, the pool loses heat overnight as the temperatures drop, so you’ll need to heat the water if you want to swim comfortably. Not only do you save electricity from heating water less, but you spend less time heating water, so you don’t need to wait to jump in the water!


Reduce Algae

pool cover

As long as you get solid-colored pool covers over translucent ones, they can reduce algae growth in the pool. Solid-covered pool covers block sunlight, which is what encourages algae growth.

But it would be best to cover your pool to reduce algae growth; you must also ensure your pool is chemically balanced and cleaned regularly. That way, there’s a higher chance your pool stays clean upon opening it during the summer season.


Lessen Repair and Maintenance Needs


Safety pool covers can reduce maintenance costs. Think of it – if a chair or pool umbrella blows into the pool, puncturing or cracking the pool liner, you’ll face hefty repair fees. Debris blowing into your pool will usually require a new cleanup job that costs hundreds of dollars.

Strong safety covers keep any wind-blown objects and debris away from the pool, protecting the water and surface.

Furthermore, you save time and effort performing routine pool maintenance tasks, like vacuuming your pool. Since covers reduce the number of leaves and debris in the water, you get to vacuum less often and for shorter periods.


Prevent Accidents

One of the top reasons people buy safety pool covers is how they can prevent accidents. Pool covers are a must for those with small children and pets in the household.

Safety pool covers are made of woven mesh or solid vinyl material, which would pull tightly across your pool, secured via straps attached to anchors around the pool perimeter.

Pool covers keep pets and children out of the water if left unattended around the pool area. That’s why we highly recommend safety pool covers over standard ones, as they don’t only protect your pool, but the ones around it, too.


Reduce Chemical Use

When you use pool covers, you reduce the pool’s chemical consumption by up to 35-60%. Again, it saves you time and money spending on pool products and applying them. Furthermore, it reduces any allergies or respiratory issues from using too many pool chemicals.


Keep Debris Away 

Automatic Pool Cover

Picture your pool without a cover (or you can probably see it now). You most likely see a lot of leaves, sticks, dog toys, dead insects, and other debris floating around. Not only do you have to spend energy cleaning all that up, but it doesn’t look good!

With pool covers, you reduce the time and effort spent picking up debris and cleaning your pool. Instead, you can use more of your time actually swimming!

Your pool will also look clear and pristine, ready for visitors to use. Plus, if you’re worried about aesthetics with a pool cover, there are so many to choose from. Pool safety covers come in different materials, shapes, sizes, and colors to accent the outdoor space. You can even have one custom-made to suit your pool and outdoor area.


It’s Easy to Use

Using a pool cover is straightforward. Simply cover up your pool correctly and secure the cover with the anchors installed around the pool perimeter. If you don’t have time for manually securing the pool cover, there are automated safety pool covers you can operate with a remote control or button, saving you more time and hassle.


Save Money


Pool Enclosure

When you look back at most of these reasons you should invest in a pool cover, they have in common how these benefits save you money in the long run. You don’t have to spend much on repairs and maintenance, pool chemicals, energy bills, or refilling water.

Sure, pool covers cost money, but those initial costs save you more in the long run.


Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, you learned a lot about the wonders of pool covers and why they are a perfect addition to the outdoor area. If you’re thinking of giving your pool an upgrade, feel free to contact us, and we can provide more information and quotations on pool covers, enclosures, and the like!

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