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Benefits of Turning an Outdoor Public Pool into an Indoor Pool

Suppose you are a manager of an outdoor public pool for your local community or business. In that case, you might have been considering convincing your local municipality to invest in its own enclosure. Or maybe you have an indoor pool in a building slowly disintegrating, resulting in costly repairs and more frequent closures. Regardless of the reason, new and improved pool enclosures offer numerous benefits over the traditional brick and mortar.

We are now actually seeing a rising trend in municipal pool enclosures around Canada and the United States. City managements handling older facilities realize that they must compete with other activities the public chooses to do for fun and entertainment. Everyone’s looking for cost-effective and unique long-term investments that strike a balance with sustainability and environment-friendliness.

Again, that’s where an enclosure of municipal pools comes along. Facility managers with an enclosed outdoor swimming pool report that it was worth the investment, being a vital upgrade that enhances the pool’s appearance. Furthermore, they say that it’s more cost-effective and easier to operate with the many benefits it provides.

If you’re still unsure about adding a retractable pool enclosure, or any other quality enclosure for the matter, for the pool, read on! We’ll tackle the benefits of turning an outdoor public pool into an indoor pool.


Benefits of Turning an Outdoor Public Pool into an Indoor Pool

Some people might think that a pool enclosure is merely a cover from the sun or an extra aesthetic, but it’s far more from that. A good enclosure can provide benefits that improve business and customer satisfaction.

Here are some of the benefits of turning an outdoor public pool into an indoor pool:


More Attendance in the Outdoor Public Pool

There are two ways a pool enclosure can increase the attendance of public pools.

The public pool facility will appear even more attractive with added aesthetic for starters. Think about it: The pool people have been driving past every day now looks so fresh and exciting with a more aesthetically pleasing design for a modern look. Some facility managers experience a whopping increase in attendance of a whopping 400%!

After all, the old and typical municipal pool won’t really draw attention when it’s been around looking the same for so long. But give it a valuable upgrade, and you can encourage even more people to visit.

Furthermore, having retractable pool systems installed means that the pool stays open all year long. Swimmers can visit the pool to enjoy the amenities, regardless of the weather. As a result, facility managers can experience increased attendance rates since they don’t have to close the pool or keep customers away during inclement weather.

Come summer, the walls and roofs are open so people can enjoy a sunny day in the water. Come colder months, the only thing that needs to close is your retractable pool enclosure to provide swimmers warmth and protection from snow or rain. You can keep the area climate-controlled for people to come back year-round.


More Revenue from Your Outdoor Public Pool

Since pools will experience increased attendance rates, managers can expect more revenue! That said, we understand that also results in increased operational costs. However, when you open your facility for 4-6 months during the summer season, some of those costs are either reduced or removed.

As a result, managers can earn more money from their pools thanks to 365 operating days. Even if you have planned inevitable program closures, you know that weather won’t be why the pool isn’t earning revenue.


Save Energy from Your Pool

When you have a retractable enclosure installed over the pool, you choose to add technology to it. That means you can close and open your enclosure with a tap of a button! Not only is this convenient, but you get to save energy costs in the long run.

The main lights can stay off throughout the day since you have sunlight keeping your areas lit. Moreover, when opening the roof, you can switch off the dehumidification system, and no running of fans required, saving you even more from the energy bills.

If you choose aluminum retractable pool enclosures, you get thermally broken aluminum frames, which would resist heat and energy transfer. They can keep solar heat in, along with the heat generated by your heating system. You can benefit from the heat gain in winter, so you don’t have to overwork the heating system, thus saving up to 30% of energy yearly.


Improved Air Quality

Retractable Roof

A retractable pool enclosure gives you the best indoor and outdoor pool experience compared to traditionally enclosed pools! Unlike retractable roofs, a traditional building would trap air in, allowing any chemical-laden air out from the pool to the roof.

As a result, you have improved air quality for a breathable and enjoyable atmosphere. As such, swimmers will stay satisfied, so they come back and stay even longer. Also, your staff will be happier and more comfortable throughout their shifts!


Save on Chemicals

Besides saving on energy bills, did you know that a retractable pool enclosure can also save you on the chemical costs necessary for pool maintenance? You won’t have to use as many chemicals compared to traditional outdoor pools, especially throughout the colder months when the roof is closed most of the time.

Since you aren’t exposing your pool to the outdoor elements, there’s less exposure to microorganisms and windborne pollutants, which can enter the water, increasing your need to chemically treat the pool. Instead, you can create a low-cost maintenance routine to maintain proper chlorine and pH levels. There’s no more worrying about too many shock treatments or using a multitude of pool chemicals to control pool-related damage.

Moreover, you’ll have less debris and dirt to take care of, reducing the cleaning costs and efforts.


Better Water Quality

When there are fewer chemicals, dirt, and debris in your pool, you get to have better water quality. Pool water will be cleaner, and there will be lower chemical content, so there are fewer airborne chemicals for a fresher feel and smell.

This is great for all your swimmers’ and staff’s health, reducing any breathing difficulties related to chlorine. You’ll also have a more sanitary environment with less of that chlorine odor no one likes!


More UV Protection

Pool enclosures will protect the pool and swimmers from the sun’s harmful UV rays. People can stay in or around the pool for an even longer time thanks to the enclosure’s UV-protected panels, reducing the risk of sunburn.

While the protection somewhat lessens when opening the enclosure during the summer, there are still some areas with cover and shade people can go to.


Enhanced Security

Outdoor pools are more exposed than you think. Usually, these pools wouldn’t have anything around but a fence or wall, which can easily be breached or scaled.

When you invest in a high-quality pool enclosure, the pool and surrounding areas will move indoors, so you can easily lock it up and keep it secured, barring any thieves, wild animals, and other undesirable elements safely.


Strong Aluminum Enclosures

Installing an aluminum retractable pool enclosure won’t add to your ongoing pool maintenance costs. Our pool enclosures require minimal to no maintenance as our aluminum frames are rust and corrosion-resistant. Furthermore, all the bolts and connections are made of stainless steel with a baked-on painting technique, so there’s no need to repaint the structure, ever.

You won’t have to add to your ongoing expenses or take time and effort to repair and maintain a pool enclosure! These structures are built to last and withstand the different weather conditions and elements all year long.

Here are Covers In Play; we offer various aluminum retractable pool enclosure designs to suit your personal taste and needs. All enclosures are made of high-quality materials and constructed correctly to accommodate all kinds of weather.

Pool Enclosure


Upgrade the Amenities

When you have an enclosed pool, the options are almost limitless! You can add various features that wouldn’t be practical for outdoor pools. People operating outdoor pools won’t be able to invest in any other complementary fixtures like hydrotherapy equipment or therapy pools as they can become damaged by weather or cause security issues.

But when you have an indoor aquatic center, you can get fun extras like water slides and splash pads to attract all kinds of markets. You can even install a power lift or therapy pool, all of which is possible since you can protect all these from the weather and other elements.

With a pool enclosure, you have more versatility and opportunities to gain more customers and revenue.


Wrapping It Up: Turning an Outdoor Public Pool into an Indoor Pool

Two significant factors would have you seriously consider investing in a pool enclosure. First is the interest in the health benefits and recreational fun in swimming. The second is the need to attract more attention amid the many other forms of distraction and entertainment catching the public’s eye, buy-in, and attendance.

When you invest in a pool enclosure, you can cater to that rising need and trend while staying competitive amid other entertainment options. While some municipalities are wondering why they need to maintain a public pool, we recommend that they don’t close down the facilities, regardless of whether they have a pool enclosure or not. Pools aren’t only a recreational facility but a public health service, and it’s best to make it attractive and fun for the public, starting with a high-quality retractable enclosure.

We hope that this article on the benefits of turning an outdoor public pool into an indoor pool helped you out. If you are strongly considering investing in a pool enclosure, please contact us here at Covers In Play, and let’s discuss your needs.

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