All-Season Swimming Pool Enclosure Types

A swimming pool is a significant investment that many would only completely enjoy during the summer season. Even then, there are days when the sun is too hot, or rain pours heavily, restricting our fun and entertainment in the waters. That’s why investing in an all-season swimming pool enclosure pays off in the long run, as you get to use your pool all year long, protecting your household and the pool itself!

As you consider investing in a pool enclosure, you’re probably feeling daunted by the many different options to choose from. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with the all-season swimming pool enclosure types, so read on!


Tubular Frame Structure

A tubular frame structure would have fabric stretched tightly over its roof and walls. This rigid frame structure can withstand heavy snow and winds. It can also bar hurricanes, so it can easily withstand all seasons.

With these fabric pool enclosures, the tubes for ceilings and walls would connect then lock together. These are all locked in a base rail running around the pool deck’s perimeter. Furthermore, the fabrics are durable reinforced vinyl fabrics, coming in clear, colored, or opaque. These fabrics allow sunlight to come in as it blocks out the cold. Some enclosure designs can have central air, hanging lighting, or upgraded insulation as extra features.

This tubular frame structure also is considered a pool dome or pool tent.  With a few disadvantages that may not be obvious at first.  The feeling of claustrophobic may come to mind being a pool dome tent structure over a swimming pool.  Unable to see beyond the pool deck and the tent itself when the weather is nice can be an issue.

The fabric is durable and can do a great job keep the weather out but over time the fabric fades, wear and mold can set in resulting in the fabric needing to be repaired and replaced after several seasons if maintenance and care is not performed regularly.  Even than it has a life span of several year to 5 years if you are lucky.

Another thing to consider is like a tent in summer the fabric acts like a blanket trapping the hot air inside the pool tent very quickly unless it is well ventilated with flaps to let the hot air escape.


Customized Pool Enclosures

Your best bet is custom enclosures such as retractable enclosures and permanent roof structures.

Permanent roof structures that have light panels will offer strength and permanence. You can open up the walls and roof, or sliding glass doors, with the possibilities being virtually limitless! You won’t have to worry about the weather at all, as you can access the pool all year long without caring for the temperature or take so much time with pool maintenance and repairs.

All-season swimming pool enclosure

Pool owners can opt to invest in retractable pool enclosures to enjoy the best of both worlds. The enclosure can easily slide out during the sunny days to let in the sun and warmth or completely closed during winter to protect the pool and still have fun in the warm water. Covers In Play offers high-quality retractable and fixed pool enclosures that are easily customizable according to your preferred shape, size, and design!

The best kinds of pool enclosures would be constructed with quality materials to prevent the consequences of moisture and chloramines. That’s why we avoid materials like wood, steel, drywall, and painted surfaces. Instead, we focus on constructing enclosures made with aluminum with a powdered finish for strength, attractiveness, and fewer maintenance needs.

Clients can also add extra features for their customized pool enclosure, such as an automatic cover, dehumidification system, and the like to create their own oasis.


Inflatable or Structural Pool Enclosure?

We’ve tackled structural pool enclosures, but what about inflatable ones? An inflatable Enclosure is also known as a pool dome, which we don’t officially consider as an enclosure as it won’t completely protect your pool and swimmers all year long.

If you use an inflatable pool dome for winter or windy days, it will most likely deflate or experience damage. Furthermore, such domes aren’t aesthetically pleasing compared to structural pool enclosures.

Structural pool enclosures may also be as simple as aluminum frames covered in vinyl liners. However, you can go as far as permanent enclosures, which we highly recommend.

Some structural pool enclosures can be constructed to be movable when they are attached to rails. Others are “nestable,” with sections of the ceiling and walls stacking nicely at one end of your pool. You can also find other structural pool enclosures that enable homeowners to move the whole enclosure to a large area adjacent to their pools.

A permanent pool enclosure can either be fixed or retractable. These are stronger and usually made from aluminum, wood, steel, or bricks. Here at Covers In Play, we use aluminum, acrylic and polycarbonate panels as our enclosures’ primary material for durability, aesthetics, and low-maintenance needs. There is no need for hardtop pool covers to keep the pool away from the elements when not in use!


All-Season Swimming Pool Enclosure Roof Options

Besides the type of pool enclosures to consider, there are also roof designs to consider, such as:


A-Frame Swimming Pool Enclosure

These are also called gable enclosures, featuring two sloping sides to create a triangle. There’s also a peak in the center for added aesthetics.

These roofs can stand without being attached to the house and are suitable for properties with pools out in their yards.


Mansard Swimming Pool Enclosure

Mansard roofs are the most popular, featuring a flatter roof and smoothly sloping sides tapering off into their panels below. As a result, you feel like the space is larger and wide open with perfect symmetry. Mansard is the strongest type of enclosure with a universally flattering design, fitting any home.



All-season swimming pool enclosure

Domes are the most common among all pool enclosures! These roofs would rise into a semi-circular and airy arch with soft, sloping sides creating an illusion of openness and unlimited space.

Domes can add a fantastic atmosphere to pool areas with attractive architectural designs. They are also stable and can resist storms, snow, and winds.


Hip Roof

Hip roofs are basically mansard roofs without the level midsection. The sides would meet at the top in a more streamlined way, resembling a pyramid or house. It’s suitable for those who like mansard roofs’ versatility but desire architectural detail. Furthermore, this type of roof can give more wind resistance and provide an illusion of looking taller.


Shed Roof Design

These are more economical and can be an extension of the house’s existing roof. The roof can increase your property value and provide house structural protection.


Wrapping It Up

Contact us now at Covers In Play if you’re wondering about the all-season swimming pool enclosure cost. Let’s discuss your preferences, and we can provide all the information you need, including a quotation.

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