Enjoy Life with our Retractable Pool Enclosures & Automatic Covers for Pools

COVERS in Play designs and builds Fixed and Automatic Retractable Pool Enclosures and Automatic Pool Covers in Canada with North American components. Transform your outdoor pool into an indoor pool swimming oasis using our patented automated drive system. No pushing, opens automaticly with our motorized drive system. Our retractable swimming pool enclosures have innovative features that are unique in the industry and are design for our Canadian and American climate.

You can exercise or swim in your own Swim Spa from Endless Pools utilizing a Covers in Play Pool Enclosure. Swim year round without leaving your home. Even during the cold winter months.


What are retractable pool enclosures and how do they work for Indoor Pools?

Retractable pool enlosures are buildings that open and close by having the building made from telescopic sections. Each section moves over or under the next section providing an outdoor setting in seconds to enjoy your landscape. It's a solarium or sunroom on wheels! Just like a solarium or sunroom, retractable pool enclosures provide an indoor setting with an outdoor view. However, unlike sunrooms or an indoor pool, retractable enclosures can be opened up to the outdoors.


Where can I possibly use an enclosure? restaurant? patio? clean room?

Generally, retractable swimming pool enclosures are used for indoor pools and spa pools. However, retractable enclosures can be used for other functions such as pharmaceutical clean rooms, restaurant patios, or enclosing any outdoor space. By connecting or attaching the pool enclosure to your home, you can access it directly from your home.


With our features you can enjoy your outdoor pool year round and swim year round!

Our pool enclosure and unique features will allow you to enjoy your swimming pool year round just like an indoor swimming pool. It's not just designed for three seasons or may be two seasons with our Canadian climate, but year round to allow you to Enjoy Life - Inside and Out!™. Our additional features for year round use include:

  • Touch screen to control your waterfall, pool pump, water, lights, air and floor heating, temperature settings, opening and closing the pool enclosure and more.
  • Computer controls that uses your Iphone, smart phone or Tablet as a remote to control.
  • Heated floors with a hydronic floor heating system
  • Control the air temperature inside of your pool enclosure with our air space heating system using your pool heater
  • Computer controls allow your to control your indoor environment automatically

Fully Automatic Cover without tracks or ropes - Just push a button & watch it work.

Our new Automatic Cover- Auto Pool Reel uses a Simple Touch Deployment System that is revolutionary. The only Automatic Cover in the world that uncovers and covers your pool without tracks or ropes or any manual assistance. Our Patented system operates with a simple push of a button. Visit www.autopoolreel.com to see more.